Dals and Kadhis

by Shivani

Indian Dal and Kadhi Recipes

Simple home cooked food is the best in any way and we all simply love the comfort of our home. Isn’t it? In every Indian household, Dals and Kadhis are very popular and treated as simple daily meal. Dal is the staple food and no matter from which region of India do you belong, you must have tasted dal or kadhi. Dals and Curries are very comfort and nutritious food. Mainly made up of lentils which are a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, proteins and vitamin B. Kadhis are a mixture of yogurt, herbs and spices. They assist in easy digestion. Every region has its own way of preparing Dals and Kadhis with their own key ingredients. Thus, a variety of Dals and Kadhis are relished across the country.

For making Kadhi of any kind, Besan (gram flour) is the main ingredient used. Kadhis are the wholesome mix of sweet, sour and spicy taste.

Check out these recipes and add a new dimension to your daily meals.