About Me

by Shivani

Hey, Welcome to my blog! Meet Shivani, the blogger, the passionate cook and food lover. This passion inspired me to start a blog and share my recipes with all. I am a vegetarian and was born in a Brahmin family. Brought up in Himachal Pradesh and currently living in Delhi with my husband and a 3 year old son. Being a vegetarian, this blog only features Indian vegetarian recipes, everyday cooking recipes, and traditional recipes with pictures.

My mom and grandmother is a great cook. I love their Himachali style of cooking which makes the food taste distinctive and matchless. Before marriage, I had never cooked food in the kitchen but always stood behind my mom and kept watching her style of cooking. After marriage, I actually started cooking some simple and easy recipes asking my mom. My husband is the one who gives me both positive and negative feedback on my recipes which helped me a lot to improve my cooking skills. My son and hubby enjoys all my preparations and I would love to hear the word “YUMMY” from them. Now this is a small initiative to hear such more words to keep me going and makes my day great.

We love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions to create better cooking experience for you. I personally request you to share your feedback, when you try out any of my recipe. Your feedback means lot to me, so do take time to share your comments.

Thanks for being there. Hope you enjoy the recipes! Your comments and feedback is highly appreciated.